EvA - Risk Analysis. A set of utilities for Microsoft Excel: Sensitivity analysis, Scenario approach, Monte Carlo analysis, Distribution adjustment.
Distribution adjustment

Random variable distribution law may be defined on the basis of a historical data sample. For this, numerical information of a random value is calculated on the basis of statistical data (mathematical expectation, dispersion). Selecting of the distribution law is based on hypotheses testing with different criteria. When launching a tool “Distribution adjustment”, an automatic or manual selection of parameters for chosen distributions can be performed.

Distribution adjustment:

  • Choose the limits for values being analyzed (not less than 100)
  • Choose the desired distribution laws
  • Launch calculation. When needed, transfer the results to Monte Carlo analysis

Interface of a distribution adjustment

Histogram of distribution density of baseline data and graphs related to distribution laws are directly displayed in the interface of the tool. Any manual adjustment of distribution parameters is instantly reflected on its graph as well. The legend of the set parameters: green – optimally set, blue – calculated, pink – failed to set the parameters from the baseline data. 16 continuous and 6 discrete distribution laws applied.

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