EvA - Risk Analysis. A set of utilities for Microsoft Excel: Sensitivity analysis, Scenario approach, Monte Carlo analysis, Distribution adjustment.
Examples of applications
  • Chances for profit (or loss) в in a new project (Article)
  • Assessing whether the technological process is fulfilled in time (Article)
  • Probabilistic assessment of mineral resources amount (Article)

This I really simple

Do the following to obtain intelligent results:
  • Open relevant Excel file and choose an example ‘EVA – Risk Analysis’
  • Under the tab ‘EVA’ choose the desired method
  • Set parameters for the method and launch it (programme will analyse your model itself)
  • The results will appear in a separate Excel sheet (you can use them on any PC)

Working with programme

Features of "EVA – Risk Analysis"
  • All work performed in Excel, no need to prepare data
  • Analysis modules gathered in one programme
  • Coherent calculation model for all the methods of analysis
  • Automatically created data models, calculation in one click
  • Calculations do not bias baseline data, and do not add it to the sheets of user’s formulae
  • All graphical supplements are done by means of Microsoft Excel and may be edited
  • Saved projects may be opened on any other PC in Microsoft Excel (license free)
  • New methods and calculations may be adapted to customer’s needs
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to EvA use a
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